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Muay Thai Boxing at Niyama

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Kru (Instructor) John Sosa,
Holds instruction in the Ancient art of Muay Thai, and holds basic training for the beginner to advanced martial artist. 
Classes consist of conditioning the body through many assorted exercises, learning how to punch and kick effectively using the Muay Thai principles, as well as learning to use the knees and elbows as a means of self-defense.
Students are taught how to use the Thai pads and Focus mitts(striking targets) as a means of targeting their skills and learning how to hold pads for one another as well.
Mr. Sosa incorporates western boxing as well as stand up grappling and the clinch .
An overall good and relaxed environment is encouraged and felt here at Niyama.One learns to breath properly, as well as learning many basic stretching exercises.
The training here at Niyama Center offer a great way to learn self-defense as well as weight loss, self confidence, lowers cholesterol, and benefits ones overall health, and offers a great cardiovascular workout !

Classes are held every Sunday morning from:
Mr. Sosa has been involved in martial arts since a very early age , has studied and is a certified Muay Thai instructor under Kru Rick Sosa and also Grandmaster Ajarn Surachai Sirisute, president and founder of the Thai Boxing Assoc. of the U.S.A. since the late 80's. Mr. Sosa has held instruction in the Dallas Ft. Worth area since 1995, and has competed nationally and internationally in the art of Muay Thai Boxing.
Mr. Sosa also holds the rank of Nidan' in the art of Aikido' a Japanese art of self-defense, and also gives instruction here at Niyama's as well as co-heads the International Aikido Association at the Oak Cliff  Dojo headquarters in Dallas Texas founded by the late Shihan Bill Sosa.

Muay Thai is an art that was designed for self-defense, but has also made a name for itself here in the U.S. by proving to be very effective as a competitive ring sport.
Mr. Sosa teaches the art mainly for self-defense, but also teaches the competition aspect as well.

We welcome all visitors to come and visit !

Please call or e-mail for more information:
214 566 5466

Cost: $75.00 a month
No start up fee, or contracts.


"Stop by and visit us today"



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Affiliated with International Aikido Association

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Above: students do a little lite protected sparring


Above: students working with the focus mitts



Adjarn Surachai Sirisute and Kru John Sosa

Muay Thai Boxing
at Niyama Center
Instructor: John Sosa
Please contact Mr. Sosa at:

Mailing Address:

7517 Campbell Road Suite 406
Dallas texas 75248

Phone: 214 566 5466 for more info:

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